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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Another Ten English Beers

Another Ten English beers, this time I thought I would go for a selection showing the verity of good beers brewed here in England.  I am sorry that no Pilstners or Lagers are included in the list.

All are beers I really like.

Wells, Banana Bread Beer

5.2% amber with a thin head, very distinctive banana aroma and fruity taste with just a hint of banana, I personally love it. It is not a banana beer (I had one of those in the Czech Republic) but a banana bread beer, hence there is only a hint of banana.

Samuel Smith's, Organic Wheat Beer

5.0% hazy gold colour with a thin head, smells like and tastes like a good German Hefeweizen, strange thing is, it's English, it's organic and it's very good. Yes you can get a good draught Wheat Beer from England.

Wells, Waggle Dance

Wells, Waggle Dance, England

5.0% honey beer, gold colour with a thin head, you can actually taste and smell the honey. Although not a favourite of mine it is very drinkable and I think the best of the honey beers I have tried.

Theakston, Old Peculier

5.6% very deep amber with a thin head, malt aroma, malty caramel and liquorish flavour, a very good stronger beer.  An old favourite and after a bit of a journey, Theakston's it is now an independent brewery once again.

Hydes, Mackeson

Week 22-52 Beers, Mackeson, England

3.0% black colour with a good brown head, taste is slightly sweet smoky roasted malt, smooth and bitter roasted malt, not at all a weak taste.  I am not a great lover of Stout or Mild beers but I have always liked this stuff.

From RateBeer, Originally brewed by Mackeson of Hythe in Kent in 1910. This is the first beer to use milk sugar to produce a Milk Stout. The Mackeson brewery was eventually acquired by Whitbread, which in turn was taken over by Interbrew who produced the beer at their Magor brewery in Wales. Subsequently has been contract brewed by Youngs and latterly by Hydes.

Greene King, Very Special India Pale Ale

7.5% amber colour with a thin head, citrus hop and malt aroma, strong hop and alcohol taste.  This is the strongest of the IPA's from Greene King and they are all very drinkable, as was this one but not too many in one session.

Bass, Premium Ale

4.4% deep amber with a thin head, bass has never had a good smell and I find it best not to sniff it but the taste is very good, fruity, malty and caramel with slight bitterness.

Bass was once one of the biggest brewers in England, not just England, the world, and I have drunk Bass in bars in the USA and in Belgium. It is now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev and brewed by Marston's.

Marston's, Owd Rodger

7.6% very deep amber colour with a thin head, sweet fruity aroma, fruity taste with some caramel, very nice beer.  A very good strong but tasty English ale.

Badger, Long Days

Week 10-52 Beers, Badger, Long Days, England

4.5% golden with a thin head, aroma of fruit (as do most Badger beers) the label says raspberry and it could be, sweet fruity taste but slightly bitter, I liked it.  Badger make several very good beers, this one is harder to find that most though.

Ampleforth, Abbey Beer

7.0% very dark brown colour with a thin head, nice deep fruity aroma, satisfying fruity taste.  An Abbey Double from England (York) and it is very good, maybe I do not have to visit Belgium in future but maybe I do.  

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