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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Cornwall Trip Day Seven

 Day seven, 9th August 2013

Usual for me up early in pain, take tablets, drink lots of tea to get ready for the day ahead.

For my warm up walk I took Georgia with me, we went over to the train striation, to check which platform we needed to be on.  If you are on the wrong platform when the train arrives there is no way to change and you just have to miss your train.  We were on platform 2, the one were we had to cross over the level crossing.

While we were out, we had a play with the panoramic setting on the camera, to make identical twin Georgias.

Which Platform

Georgia, Dot and Me were first back over to the station and on the right platform, the others were on the wrong side with the crossing closed. Luckily the crossing reopened before our train was due.  I was surprised that it arrived on time.

Our transport for today was a three carriage commuter train, we has designated seats for the train back but on this one it was everyone for themselves.   The train was on time but it didn't leave on time, a leak had been spotted, the driver had to checkout the leak and the breaks before we could continue.

After about ten mins, we on our way but split up all over one of the carriages, after the next stop, when people got off, we all got seats together.  It took about one hour twenty to get to Penzance Railway Station, I enjoyed the ride but not the crowds (being too close to too many people). 

Penzance Railway Station

Out of the station we headed for the beach, we turned right and followed the sea front until we could get down onto the sand.

One of the first things we came to was a pub, so we popped in for a beer but it was really just to use the toilets, honest.  We sat outside to have our beers, it wasn't the best place as we were next to a busy road, I would put a photo here but I seem to have lost any I had.  What I did get a photo of though, was a gold postbox next to the pub.  These gold postboxes were placed in the home town of every UK gold medal winner from the 2012 London Olympics.

This one was for Helen Glover MBE, a rower and a member of the Great Britain Rowing Team, Helen won gold in the women's pair with crewmate Heather Stanning.  A coincidence as the gold postbox close to the twins school is for Katherine Copeland, a member of the Great Britain Rowing Team.  Kat, who went to the girls school, won gold in the lightweight women's double scull with Sophie Hosking.

Just along from the pub is a lido, the Jubilee Pool, the UK's largest seawater lido.  The others all went in there rather than the beach, while Dot and I went for a walk along the promenade.  Georgia had decided that she no longer needed to wear her wetsuit (she has very sensitive skin), so she gave it a go.   She was right and seemed to be fine in the salt water of the lido.

Penzance to Newlyn

We walked along the promenade in the nice warm sun as far as the outskirts of Newlyn (about as far as I could walk), before heading back to meet up with the others.  After we turned back we got very good views of St Michael's Mount, bringing back good memories of our visit to Mont Saint-Michel in France.

After our walk we had a cup of tea in the cafe above the lido where we got a very good view across the bay and also of the girls playing in the pool (yes I know I said tea).

Although taking photos is not allowed in the lido, it is from the cafe, where we took photos of Georgia and Emily playing in the pool.

By the time we finished our drinks the girls were out of the pool dried, changed and ready to go. They met us at the cafe and we set off into town for a late lunch. It took us a long time to find somewhere to eat but we did eventually and I also got a new beer, (review to come in a septate blog).

By this time it was nearly time to get the train back, just enough time though to look in a few shops before going back to the train station.

The Train back was a lot nicer than the one there, this was the London train and we had numbered seats, there was also a buffet car.  So Tim and I set off down the train for some drinks.

Straight off the train, the river was perfect for the girls to play in, it was flowing just right to play on their boogie boards.

While the Nicole and Tim took the twins back to clean up and then order our supper from the Chinese, Dot and I waited in the pub.  I didn't take long before they were all back to join us for our last pub drinks in Cornwall (I even got a new one), as it was home tomorrow.

Day Six or Day Eight

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