If you know me or of me, you will know I like beer. Over the last few years I have been collecting photos of every new beer I have.
I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
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Monday, 20 February 2017

My box of Hefe Weizen from Germany (four)

These are beers that I missed from posting last year, they are some of the box of wheat beers from Germany that I got by post. They have all been wonderful and I do not know how I missed blogging about them on here (it must just be my brain not working as it should).

Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Dunkle from Germany

Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Dunkle, Germany Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Dunkle, Germany

5.2% nice dark colour with a good head, malt and banana aroma, banana and caramel taste.

Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Hell from Germany

Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Hell, Germany Weissbräu Schwendl, Schalchner Weisse Hell, Germany

5.2% hazy cold colour with a nice head, another yeast and banana aroma the taste is the same.

Arcobräu, Weissbier Dunkel from Germany

Arcobräu, Weissbier Dunkel, Germany Arcobräu, Weissbier Dunkel, Germany

5.3% dark cloudy brown with a nice head, the usual wheat beer flavour and a nice yeasty taste.

Aldersbacher, Kloster Weisse Hell from Germany

Aldersbacher, Kloster Weisse Hell, Germany Aldersbacher, Kloster Weisse Hell, Germany

5.5% cloudy gold colour with a thin head, wheat and yeast aroma, slightly bitter, yeasty wheat taste.

Maisel, Maisels Weisse Dunkel from Germany

Maisel, Maisels Weisse Dunkel, Germany Maisel, Maisels Weisse Dunkel, Germany

5.0% dark amber colour with a nice head, wheat and banana aroma, nice yeasty taste.

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