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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scottish trip Beers

Time to review the beers from our recent short holiday in Scotland.

The first night in Melrose we tried four of the bars, The Station Hotel, a very comfortable bar but the selection of beer was very poor and the one bitter they did have was not nice at all.  Next it was the Ship Inn, strange name for a pub so far from the sea and their beer selection was even worse but it was very popular.


The next bar was very different and they had three hand pulled beers to choose from, so the The George & Abbotsford Hotel was on the list for another visit.  Finally there was The Kings Arms and again they also had three hand pulled beers to choose from, so we now had two good places to drink for the next four days.

Belhaven, Best from Scotland

Belhaven, Best, Scotland

3.5% pale amber colour with a thin head, low in aroma, the taste is not good, sort of fusty and tart, I will not be giving this one another go.

Tempest, Into The Light from Scotland

Tempest, Into The Light, Scotland

4.1% golden colour with a nice head, citrus hop aroma and a nice fruity citrus hop taste, what a contrast to the last one, I had several of these over the holiday.

Tempest, Elemental from Scotland

Tempest, Elemental, Scotland

5.1% black with a good head, roast malt aroma, smooth roast malt taste, I had a full night on it, so it must be good.

Springhead, Maid Marian Blonde from England

Springhead, Maid Marian Blonde, England

4.5% cold colour with a good head, citrus aroma, dry citrus hop taste, very drinkable beer.

Scottish Borders, Foxy Blonde from Scotland

Scottish Borders, Foxy Blonde, Scotland

3.8% slightly hazy cold colour with a good head, hoppy aroma, nice citrus hop taste, this style of beer is becoming a theme for this holiday but I am not complaining.

We did have other beers but I had either had them before or didn't manage to get a photo, I did have one can but wish I hadn't.

Younger of Alloa, Sweetheart Stout from Scotland

Younger of Alloa, Sweetheart Stout, Scotland

2.0% black with a thin head, strange but sweet aroma, sweet lemonade and fruit drink taste, very odd.   I obviously didn't read the can before I bought this but I will not make the same mistake again, well not with this one anyway.

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