If you know me or of me, you will know I like beer. Over the last few years I have been collecting photos of every new beer I have.
I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
My email is ralphgant@sky.com.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Fish Beer Festival: The Lull

The Fish Beer Festival: The Lull: "Things are a bit quiet at the minute regarding the Beer Fest - Loads of ideas going around our heads for food and music and stuff and of cou..."

Sunday, 27 February 2011

AR-MEN, Blanche

A couple of weeks ago, I said I would review the beers bought in France as my Fathers Day present last year, tonight I eventually got round to trying the first one.
AR-MEN, Blanche from France.
4.8% cloudy gold colour with no head, sweet fruity aroma, fairly sweet citrus taste, quite good. Similar to other French wheat beers like Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc or Edelweiss.

AR-MEN, Blanche, France


Well last night we went to a surprise 70th birthday party in the rugby club. Although we nearly didn't make it, a pipe burst in the bathroom, just as I was about to watch England v France in the rugby. We got it fixed just in time to get ready to go out but water was still running down the walls as we left.

The Birthday boy was truly surprised to see us all and I think he had a good night, we did. My beer famine is over, I had too many and then another beer nightcap when we got home. I am suffering today but my hart is good. I think I will have a wheat beer tonight.