If you know me or of me, you will know I like beer. Over the last few years I have been collecting photos of every new beer I have.
I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
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Monday, 10 April 2017

Some from Spoons in Thirsk

Just had a few days in Thirsk and a few beers in Wetherspoons there, usually when I am in a Spoons I have one new beer, then switch onto something I like, unless the new one is good.  All of these where not too bad at all.

Birrificio MC-77 (Hook Norton), Mild The Gap from Italy (England)

Birrificio MC-77 (Hook Norton), Mild The Gap, Italy (England)

4.5% dark brown in colour with a nice head, bit of a malty chocolate aroma, some bitterness in the taste but good.

Bodebrown (Banks’s), Brazillian Burton Pale Ale from Brazil (England)

Bodebrown (Banks’s), Brazillian Burton Pale Ale, Brazil (England)

5.0% amber in colour with a nice head, malty aroma and a malty taste, not bad.

Butcombe, Union from England

Butcombe, Union, England

4.8% slightly hazy gold colour with a good head, hop and malt in the aroma with a bitter hop taste.

Maxim, Hapi from England

Maxim, Hapi, England

4.0% gold in colour with a nice head, slightly sweet fruity aroma, bitter taste, not bad