If you know me or of me, you will know I like beer. Over the last few years I have been collecting photos of every new beer I have.
I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
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Friday, 18 August 2017

Yet Another Local Small Pub

There seems to be about four of these newish small bars in Billingham, this is the third one we visited and it is the oldest one. The Green Hops had been open for a couple of years now, I just never got around to visiting it before.

First we visited the one from last week, The Porky Pint but they had no new beers, although last night they did.

Timothy Taylor's, Knowle Spring from England

Timothy Taylor's, Knowle Spring, England

4.2% gold in colour with a nice head, slightly fruity aroma and a nice not too hoppy taste.

The new beer I got in the The Green Hops was

Sharp's, Sea Fury from England

Sharp's, Sea Fury, England

5.0% amber in colour with a good head, malty aroma and a slightly sweet nice taste.

Devon Trip, The last few

Well here are the last few of the beers I bought in Devon, I think that is around twenty two in total but I could be wrong.

Summerskills, Devon Dew from England

Summerskills, Devon Dew, England Summerskills, Devon Dew, England

4.7% light amber in colour with a good head, nice aroma and a nice mild bitter taste, it was very nice.

Summerskills, Bolt Head, England Summerskills, Bolt Head, England

4.7% amber in colour with a good head, spicy aroma and a nice bitter taste.

Salcombe, Seahorse from England

Salcombe, Seahorse, England Salcombe, Seahorse, England

4.4% light amber in colour with a good head, nice aroma, it had a light amber taste.

Salcombe, Shingle Bay from England

Salcombe, Shingle Bay, England Salcombe, Shingle Bay, England

4.2% gold in colour with a thin head, malt aroma and a bitter taste.

Salcombe, Devon Amber from England

Salcombe, Devon Amber, England Salcombe, Devon Amber, England

3.8% amber in colour with a thin head, it had a nice amber aroma and taste

Monday, 14 August 2017

Devon Trip, Day Seven

Moving on to day seven I had a few this day.

Teignworthy, Beachcomber from England

Teignworthy, Beachcomber, England Teignworthy, Beachcomber, England

4.5% gold in colour with a poor head, low in aroma with a nice but fizzy taste.

Teignworthy, Old Moggie from England

Teignworthy, Old Moggie, England Teignworthy, Old Moggie, England

4.6% amber in colour with a thin head, bit of a sweet aroma and a good taste

South Hams, Stumble Bee from England

South Hams, Stumble Bee, England

4.2% hazy amber in colour with a good head, malty aroma with a hint of honey, malty citrus taste.

Teignworthy, Gun Dog from England

Teignworthy, Gun Dog, England Teignworthy, Gun Dog, England

4.3% dark amber in colour with a thin head, fruity malt aroma, nice bitter taste.