If you know me or of me, you will know I like beer. Over the last few years I have been collecting photos of every new beer I have.
I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
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Friday, 25 March 2016

Easter Beer Festivals

Well its Easter Weekend and there are a couple of Beer Festivals on around here. We are off to the Fish (Fishermans Arms) in Hartlepool later this afternoon, hope they have something new and also something good. We shall see, will get back to you latter.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

A few from Eastern Europe or Russia

I found a nice little shop in Ripon, North Yorkshire, with a few Eastern European beers for sale, well I bought a few and here are the results.

Aldaris, Gaišais from Latvia

Aldaris, Gaišais, Latvia Aldaris, Gaišais, Latvia

5.0% gold colour with a thin head, malt aroma, slightly sweet taste but not bad.

Aldaris, Zelta from Latvia

Aldaris, Zelta, Latvia Aldaris, Zelta, Latvia

5.2% golden colour with head that diminishes very quickly, slight sweet malt aroma, sweet malt taste, not good at all.

Heineken Slovensko, Zlatý Bažant from Slovak Republic

Heineken Slovensko, Zlatý Bažant, Slovak Republic

5.0% pale yellow in colour with no head at all, it had a sweet malt aroma and a quite nice dry taste.

Cesu Alus, Cēsu Premium from Latvia

Cesu Alus, Cēsu Premium, Latvia

5.2% gold in colour with a good head, some malt in the aroma and taste, doesn't sound good but it was better than most lagers sold in the UK.

Cmapblu Menbhuk Mrukoe from Russia

Cmapblu Menbhuk Mrukoe, Russia Onbekend, Cmapblu Menbhuk Mrukoe, Russia

4.3% gold in colour with a thin head, malt aroma with a mild but fizzy taste.

Zhigulevskoye, Helles Schankbier from Russia

Zhigulevskoye, Helles Schankbier, Russia Zhigulevskoye, Helles Schankbier, Russia

4.0% gold colour with a thin head, malt aroma, good taste not too fizzy quite a smooth beer.

Svyturys, Ekstra from Lithuania

Svyturys, Ekstra, Lithuania Svyturys, Ekstra, Lithuania

5.2% another beer that I thought this was going to be one of my "beer I would not buy again" photos but again I was wrong, it had plenty of taste but I will not rush out to buy another one.

A few from, March 2016

Some of the odd beers I have had in March, some good some not quite as good, anyway here goes.

Sainsbury’s, Parkin's Special Bitter from England

Sainsbury’s, Parkin's Special Bitter, England

3.8% amber in colour with a thin head, it smells and tastes like a reasonable bitter. I have had the Parkin's Bitter previously with only 3.0% alcohol and that one was not bad either.

Great Newsome, Frothingham Best from England

Great Newsome, Frothingham Best, England Great Newsome, Frothingham Best, England

4.3% amber in colour with a nice head, malty aroma, nice dry bitter beer.

Aldi, Brasserie Biere Superieure from France

Aldi, Brasserie Biere Superieure, France Aldi, Brasserie Biere Superieure, France

4.0% gold in colour with a thin head, malt aroma and taste and not bad. Also known as - Aldi, Brasserie Imported Premium Lager, France - at various strengths.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A set of Spanish beer, from one brewer.

I had a Spanish beer not long ago and when I looked I had had it before but I had also had a couple more from this brewer. So I will go through them again with a couple of new photos.

The brewer is Damm and the beers are brewed in two breweries in Barcelona. Lets start the review with the weakest one I have had first and move on to the stronger ones.

Damm, Damm Lemon from Spain

Damm, Damm Lemon, Spain Damm, Damm Lemon, Spain

3.2% it does what it says on the can, its a lager and lime at a good price. It tastes exactly like what you would get in any pub if you asked for a lager and lime, not for me but Dot likes it.

Font Salem (Damm), Wierquer Bier from Spain

Font Salem (Damm), Wierquer Bier, Spain

4.5% gold colour with a poor head, malt aroma, slightly sweet and not quite as fizzy as most of the other Spanish beers, the most drinkable and cheapest of the beers I had in Spain this year (2011).

Damm, Estrella Damm from Spain

Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain

Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain

5.4% gold colour with short lasting head, sweet aroma and slightly sweet fizzy taste but not at all bad.

Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta) from Spain

52 beers 3 - 33, Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain

Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain

7.2% amber colour with a thin head, sweet alcohol, bitter with a strong alcohol taste, not a bad beer but I did have one that was slightly warm and that was not nice at all.

Beers from our birthday trip away in March.

These are the beers I had on our birthday's trip away in March, we were away for ten nights but didn't find that many new beers. Although we did have quite a few beers to drink while we were away in the van in York and Barnard Castle.

Treboom Brewery, Swan Special Blonde from England

Treboom Brewery, Swan Special Blonde, England Treboom Brewery, Swan Special Blonde, England

3.8% gold colour with a nice head, hop aroma and a bit too hoppy taste, apparently this was brewed for the pub.

Revolutions, Cocker from England

Revolutions, Cocker, England

3.9% amber colour with a thin head, a sweet aroma with a nice bitter taste.

The Village Brewer, White Boar Bitter from England

The Village Brewer, White Boar Bitter, England The Village Brewer, White Boar Bitter, England

3.8% gold colour with a nice head, hop aroma and taste, typical modern beer.

Vocation, Heart & Soul from England

Vocation, Heart & Soul, England

4.4% cloudy gold in colour with a thin head, not much aroma but a hoppy citrus taste, another one.

Pivovar Náchod, Primátor Weizenbier from the Czech Republic.

Pivovar Náchod, Primátor Weizenbier, Czech Republic

5.0% cloudy gold colour with a thin head, a very nice wheat beer, a nice change, had it in an Italian restaurant.

Bristol Beer Factory, Twelve Apostles from England

Bristol Beer Factory, Twelve Apostles, England

5.0% gold colour with a thin head, hop and hop, sorry but I am sick of these beers.

Liverpool Organic, William Roscoe from England

Liverpool Organic, William Roscoe, England

4.3% gold in colour with a nice head, hop aroma and taste, what do I expect nowadays, these beers are very popular a bit like lager was.

York Brewery, First Light from England

York Brewery, First Light, England

3.8% gold in colour with a thin head, hops in the aroma and taste, sigh again.

Marston's, Baliol's Tipple from England

Marston's, Baliol's Tipple, England

3.8% amber colour with a good head, nice aroma and a good taste, nothing special but a real nice change these days.

I am so sick of gold hoppy English beers, that I have bought a box of 23 assorted wheat beers from Germany, that I will be reviewing soon. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Camden Beers

These are all beers I bought from the same brewer. These where only in small bottles but they were not that bad.

Camden, Hells Lager from England

Camden, Hells Lager, England Camden, Hells Lager, England

4.6% pale cold colour with a poor head, mild aroma and a bitter taste, not too bad.

Camden, Pale Ale from England

Camden, Pale Ale, England Camden, Pale Ale, England

4.0% gold colour with a thin head, very hoppy aroma and taste, not good at all for me.

Camden, Gentleman's Wit from England

Camden, Gentleman's Wit, England Camden, Gentleman's Wit, England

4.3% very pale gold colour with no head, it had a nice wheat beer aroma and taste, the best of them.