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Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Top Ten Dutch Beers

Well I think I have now had enough different beers from Holland, to do a, My Top Ten Dutch Beers.

As with all my other Top Tens, I have had quite a few beers in and from Holland but not enough to make a definitive top ten list of Dutch beers (I have said the same for each of my Top Tens). However as with the others, what I can do, is make a list of those Dutch beers I really like and would drink again given half a chance.

Like most of the other countries I have done in My Top Tens, the actual best selling beers for Holland are pale lagers / pilsners and this is the same for all the world as far as I can tell. However my Top Ten will not be full of pale lagers / pilsners but a verity of the beer styles that I like.

As Usual. Remember, this is my list, my top ten, my personal opinion, so please do not get upset if you favourite Dutch beer is not included.

My choice , in no particular order, is

Grolsch, Premium Weizen

5.3% cloudy gold colour with a thin head, smells like and tastes like a good German Hefeweizen, banana in the aroma and that wonderful yeasty wheatbeer taste, strange that it's Dutch then, well done Grolsch. I bet this wasn't the Grolsch beer you were expecting me to post here but it is their best beer by far.

Oranjeboom, Premium Lager

5.0%, gold colour with a thin head, slight malt aroma, quite watery feel to it, sweet malt taste, I do not know if it is just the name playing tricks on my mind but I can taste oranges.  It's one of those lagers that I mentioned in the introduction but this one is usually available in the UK and comes in large bottles.

De Koningshoeven, La Trappe Blond

6.5% gold colour with a thin head, fruity aroma, fruity yeasty taste, quite nice.  A beer in the mould of the Belgian Leffe blond, and if you have read my blogs, you will know how much I like Leffe.

Hertog Jan, Grand Prestige

10% deep amber colour with a thin head, sweet fruity alcohol aroma, the taste is sweet malt and strong alcohol.  I occasionally like a strong beer but not all are as drinkable as this one.

De Koningshoeven, La Trappe Dubbel

7.0% amber colour with a good head, sweet caramel aroma, fruity and malty taste, very good.  Another La Trappe beer that I like very much, a nice Abbey Dubbel.

Gulpener, Korenwolf

5.0% very cloudy gold colour with a thin head, citrus and banana aroma, nice flavoured wheat beer, it is the cloudiest beer I have ever had but I like it a lot. 

Brand, Sylvester winterbier 2011 - 2012

7.5% deep amber colour with a very thin head, fruity malt aroma, warming dry fruity caramel taste.  I have been saying how Christmas / Winter beers should be different from the normal and this one was.

Wieckse, Witte

5.0% hazy yellow with a poor head, yeasty citrus aroma and citrus taste not at all like most other Wittes.  I did enjoy it though sat outside a beach bar in Katwijk aan Zee.

Bavaria Brouwerij, 8.6 Red

Bavaria Brouwerij, 8.6 Red, Holland

7.9% deep amber colour with a thin head, caramel malt aroma and taste, I think this could be the best of the Bavaria 8.6 beers.   The 8.6 Special Blond Beer, was quite a good blond beer but the 8.6 Gold, was very sweet, far too sweet.

La Trappe, Witte Trappist

5.5% cloudy pale yellow colour with a nice head, banana and yeast aroma, banana and yeast taste, a lot less citrus than some.  I still have a few more of the La Trappe beers to try and I am looking forward to it.

Lastly here is Holland's Top selling beer Heineken, it is not in My Top Ten and one I would not buy but if I was given one I wouldn't turn it down, in fact there are not many beers I would turn down.  Also many of the beers above are now owned or brewed by the mighty Heineken empire.

Heineken, Heineken

Heineken, Heineken, Holland

5 liter keg, 5.0% yellow with a quickly disappearing head, faint sweet hop aroma, slight malt taste, the archetypical British pale lager from Holland, not for me.

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