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Monday, 14 September 2015

Another trip to Alnwick Gardens

26 August 2015

We were looking after Georgia and Emily and I finished work really early, so we looked for something to do for the rest of the day. Well we had one day left on our Alnwick Gardens yearly tickets, so we went for a long drive out. It was a nice drive up there and we arrived about half one. We got to park nice and close in the car park for retuning customers with a ticket (last time on this ticket) and wandered over to the gardens.

As soon as we arrived we got some fish and chips from the café, Emily had sausage and chips, then we made our way into the main gardens. Dot and I got a cup of tea from the café inside the gardens, while the girls went off for a general run around.

Alnwick Gardens

The girls had a wander through the maze, looked around the water features and wandered up passed the waterfalls before we finished our tea. So we wandered up to the waterfalls and could see the girls back down the bottom, we had to wave them back up.

The Girls, Alnwick Gardens

After a sit in the gardens, I took some last photos around the garden before we headed back down for an ice cream.

Bea on Flower Bea

The fountains were flowing as we headed back down, so our ice creams had to wait until we finished watching.


With our ice creams, we all had different flavours but I am sure mine was not the best, saying that it wasn't bad at all, we made our way over to the Treehouse. It was open this week which was better then last time we were there, still disgusted about that. It was also very full over there, with a lot of people eating and drinking.

Rope Bridge

After that we headed back home, we were not there that long but it got the girls out of the house and I am not sure if we will ever be back there.

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