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I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

This blog will be therefore be an account of my quest for new beers to photo and how I enjoyed them (or not).
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Friday, 19 October 2012

Trip To Wales, Just the beers from Wales

Here are the beer I bought in Wales, save you reading through the full Beer and Me Wales blog, Unplanned Trip To Wales, also the ones that I had on my return home.

Tomos Watkin, Cwrw Idris from Wales

5.2% amber colour with a thin head, malt aroma, bitter caramel taste but bit fizzy.
From the bottle, Dedicated to the memory of Idris Parry AB, who established the Hurns Mineral Water Co., after he’d survived being torpedoed and sunk by the Kaiser... twice!
Vowing never to go near salt water again, he spent the rest of his life downing the great Ales of Wales. We salute his spirit, we salute his dedication, and, lastly, we salute his buoyancy.

Tomos Watkin, Cwrw Hâf (Summer ale) from Wales

4.2% pale amber colour with a thin head, fruity malt aroma, malt and some citrus in the taste.

Purple Moose, Madog's Ale / Cwrw Madog from Wales

3.7% amber colour with a thin head, malt and hop aroma, malt and some hop in the taste.

Purple Moose, Dark Side Of The Moose / Ochr Tywyll Y Mws from Wales

4.6% dark brown with a thin head, roast malt aroma, slightly bitter roast malt taste.

Purple Moose, Snowdonia Ale / Cwrw Eryri from Wales

3.6% gold colour with a thin head, slightly fruity aroma, citrus hop taste.

Purple Moose, Glaslyn Ale / Cwrw Glaslyn from Wales

4.2% amber colour with a thin head, malty aroma, fruity caramel taste, not bad beer.

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