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I now have over 2,000 individual beers photographed and have realised that many beers that I assumed I have photos of, I haven't.

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A set of Spanish beer, from one brewer.

I had a Spanish beer not long ago and when I looked I had had it before but I had also had a couple more from this brewer. So I will go through them again with a couple of new photos.

The brewer is Damm and the beers are brewed in two breweries in Barcelona. Lets start the review with the weakest one I have had first and move on to the stronger ones.

Damm, Damm Lemon from Spain

Damm, Damm Lemon, Spain Damm, Damm Lemon, Spain

3.2% it does what it says on the can, its a lager and lime at a good price. It tastes exactly like what you would get in any pub if you asked for a lager and lime, not for me but Dot likes it.

Font Salem (Damm), Wierquer Bier from Spain

Font Salem (Damm), Wierquer Bier, Spain

4.5% gold colour with a poor head, malt aroma, slightly sweet and not quite as fizzy as most of the other Spanish beers, the most drinkable and cheapest of the beers I had in Spain this year (2011).

Damm, Estrella Damm from Spain

Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain

Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain Damm, Estrella Damm, Spain

5.4% gold colour with short lasting head, sweet aroma and slightly sweet fizzy taste but not at all bad.

Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta) from Spain

52 beers 3 - 33, Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain

Damm, Voll-Damm (Doble Malta), Spain

7.2% amber colour with a thin head, sweet alcohol, bitter with a strong alcohol taste, not a bad beer but I did have one that was slightly warm and that was not nice at all.

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